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What's a BAMF Influencer?


"The reason my activity dropped off is because I have so many fucking leads coming in from the program that I don't know how to handle it." 

- Coby Skonord, Founder of Ideawake

Community Leaders

Houston Golden
Co-Founder & COO @BAMF Media

Co-Founder of BAMF Media. Former engineer and Director of Growth for the fastest growing digital agency in Los Angeles, Hawke Media.

Executed growth marketing strategies for portfolio of 20+ clients as their outsourced-CMO, managing media spends of $500k/mo, and grew revenues for numerous startups from $2M to $5M+ in less than a year.

Former director of Growth for leading startup accelerator and equity crowdfunding platform, StartEngine, and increased pipeline value by more than $25M in 6 months. Builder of all things awesome.

Josh Fechter

Co-Founder & CEO @BAMF Media

Former Head of Growth for 22Social, UpOut, and GrowthX. Former growth evangelist for Autopilot and Mixmax. Wrote a book about Facebook marketing and the top growth hacking book of 2017. AwardedTop Quora Writer and Growth Hacker of 2017.

Founded and lead one of the most active communities online for marketers and founders
 (15,000+ members).


Logan Young

VP of Strategy at BlitzMetrics

Take the hardest working person you know and multiply by three. That's Josh Fechter for you.

But more than just working hard, he knows how to get impact from his time-- hence, his position as the top and best-known growth hacker on the planet.

Lucy Zhao

Product Marketing at Plivo

Josh is a Rocket on Steroids. Not only is he currently the best growth/marketing hacker, he's also tremendous at giving back to the community.

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